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Dear Friends,
As you are aware, Pr Gouveia is presenting an evagelistc serie on Nov. 12-14 and Nov 19-21. Our Prayer Ministry will support this evangelistic effort by fasting and praying.
A group of prayer warriors, including Pr Gouveia, have decided to fast each Sabbath from sunset to sunset, until the last Sabbath prior to the last meeting.
Attached below is a copy of a wonderful article on Fasting and Prayer taken from the July & September 2016 Ministry Magazine. Feel free to invite anyone to join us. We will begin our fast with a devotional time on the prayer line at 6:30 pm this Friday, Oct 22.

On Sabbath afternoon, I will stay at church to meet with anyone that may want to join me in prayer and Bible and Spirit of Prophecy reading & discussion. If you know of someone interested in joining us, please feel free to share/forward this message.

Thank you

Mary Melton, Prayer Ministry Coordinator