Fresno Central Seventh-day Adventist Church

We have this hope that burns within our hearts

Winter Cantata

 As our Winter Cantata is past, we'd like to share some of the comments that were made by some of the people in the audience. Names are not included for privacy.

  1. A lady came and sobbed and in between the hugs and sobs, she said she had never seen a program like this.  She literally said that it gave life to her.  
  2. Four visitors from a professional choir came and they really  liked the Cantata  because the story line was about Jesus.  They visit many  concerts in town but no one ever talks about Jesus. It's mostly classical music and instrumentals with no story line.  Two of them are wanting to join the Cantata next year.  
  3. One of our instrumentalists commented that her brother is not one to cry but this year he had tears streaming down his cheeks.  She was very surprised that it touched him so much.
  4. The finale entitled THAT NIGHT, a powerful song of God and the angels on the edge of the universe observing the doings on earth, brought so many tears with the video of heavenly happenings.
  5. Many commented - IT WAS BETTER THAN LAST YEAR!!!
  6. Where do you get this music?!! It was fabulous!
  7. There were quite a few returnees for the afternoon repeat performance!  They liked it so much.  And they said it was better in the afternoon.  All that practice, of course!
  8. Parents were so happy. "Thanks for letting our children take part.  It's good for them and they looked so cute!"
  9. The Hallelujah Chorus was such a highlight!  We were packed up there with the choir as people were invited to sing if they had sung it before.  The director was especially careful to add that if one sang off key-"Don't come up!"  The congregation surely laughed out loud!
  10. That orchestra was super!  All the strings, the timpani, the trumpets and all the other players.  
  11. One of the most touching songs was the Postlude. Most postludes are organ or instrumental pieces. The title of the Cantata was, "With Us...Emmanuel!" This year the choir came down to the steps and sang GOD BE "WITH YOU" TIL WE MEET AGAIN while they waved at the audience. There were so many in tears as they sang along and waved back.  What an appropriate end to a great program. 


It seems that we don't imagine what might have happened in heaven on that historic night.  What a God we serve, giving us the greatest story ever told in His love message to all of us in the Bible.  We need to read it more often.  That was one goal of the members of this Cantata: that people seeing this program would ultimately open their Bibles and read it with prayer.

Thank you all that participated.

Click here for the photos of the Cantata