Fresno Central Seventh-day Adventist Church

We have this hope that burns within our hearts

Order of Service New

   Order of Service

    Sabbath April 2nd, 2022

Sabbath School

9:15 Hymns of Praise:

  • Pianist: Deborah Branche
  • Chorister: Steve Di Falco and Desiree Albertsen
  • Orchestra

9:30 Sabbath School Presentation:

  • Welcome:  Julie Novielli

  • Opening Prayer: Jose Alcazar

  • Scripture Reading: Bosena Tsegga

  • Presentation: Pam Madala

9:50 Sabbath School Classes

  • Rear Organ side: Frank Sanders
  • Front Piano side: David Giangrande
  • Fellowship Hall Class: Jose Alcazar
  • Choir Room: Pastor Gouveia

10:35 First Bell

10:40 Second bell:

  • Bring screen down - Mission Story and Announcements



10:45 - Song Service  Chorister & Orchestra   (Pianist: Deborah Branche, Choristers: Steve Di Falco and Desiree Albertsen)
10:55 - Announcements  Elder     (Bevon Lewin)

At the end Chorister Invites Congregation to Kneel and Sing “The Lord is in His Holy Temple”
11:00 - Kneeling Prayer Pastor and Elder Enter the Platform and Kneel / Elder Prays  (Bevon Lewin)
11:05 - Opening Song  Chorister Invites Congregation to Stand and Sing / At the end Chorister Invites Congregation to Sit
11:10 - Offering  Elder Invites Deacons to Stand Up Front and Offers Prayer / Deacons Collect Tithe and Offerings
11:15 - Children’s story     Story Should be About 5 Minutes  (Carolyn Calhoun )
11:20 - Scripture reading   Elder or Someone Chosen by the Elder (Bevon Lewin)
11:22 - Special music  Person Appointed:  (Tricia and Kaitlyn Duong)
11:27 - Sermon   Pastor / Speaker   (Pastor Gouveia)
12:15 - Closing song   Chorister Invites People to Stand and Sing 
12:20 - Benediction  Pastor / Speaker While Congregation Stands    (Pastor Gouveia)
12:21 - Postlude  Pianist / Deacons Assist With the Exit